Inlet Seafood Restaurant, Montauk, NY

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Made our annual trek to Montauk again for summer 2016 and we hit up some of our favorite restaurants, which included the Inlet Seafood Restaurant.  We hadn’t been there in about three years (summer 2013) and we wanted to revisit them to see if those scallops were just as good as last time. They were! This was one of the more “fancy” places to eat during our 5 day/4 night stay – and this wasn’t snobby or stuffy by any means.  After all, this place is owned by local fishermen, and they are as down to earth as you can get. They don’t mess around here and you KNOW the fish will always be fresh out of the water. 

Since Montauk is now a regular summer vacation for us, we quickly grew tired of the upper crust, overly priced atmosphere of some of the restaurants. We go there to relax and don’t want to feel pressured to dress up and look proper. That would defeat the purpose of why we go to the east end. This is also why I don’t stay in the main part of town – it’s just too loud and crazy …not to sound old, but we like to stay in a more peaceful area and so we head slightly west of Montauk.  We go there for the beach and like to stay on the beach, but we head into Montauk for the incredible food. Joni’s Kitchen and Naturally Good Foods Cafe are not to be missed, especially if you’re looking for vegan/vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch or dinner!  Alas, we’re only part-time vegans and we balance that with some fish here and there. So while in Montauk, we really enjoyed the fresh fish, but alternated with some vegan food.

Back to the Inlet. The view is amazing, as you see from our table on the upper deck.  Why sit inside (if the weather cooperates) when the view is that beautiful? The calamari appetizer pretty much did us in, but it was worth it. It was cooked perfectly (not chewy). We were so full afterwards that it was a struggle for me to finish the scallops entree. The scallops are not to be missed and they come with a velvety smooth sweet potato puree and Swiss chard. Healthy never tasted so good!  My BF had a very large plate of sushi that was even too much for him, but he finished it anyway.

No room for dessert, but after we returned to our ocean front room, we had a jelly croissant from the Montauk bakery that we bought earlier that day. The bakery wasn’t open later than 4 pm, which was mind boggling since it was usually open till about 10 pm when we’ve stayed in Montauk during previous summers.  They waited until the day we left to start their extended summer hours 😦  That’s okay since we figured out to get there earlier and save our dessert for after dinner. We still love you Montauk bakery – just stay open later from June 21st on – please!

Montauk can get crazy in the summer season. Maybe they call it the “high” season because lodging prices skyrocket through the roof.  Still I will continue to return there and the Inlet remains one of my summer favorites. Go out and try them and head to the beautiful east end of Long Island to make unforgettable summer memories.