Saltbox, Montauk, NY

Looking back on 2017,  I remembered I never posted about our vacation in Amagansett last summer. Suddenly I realized it’s mid-March already. Since Montauk can be a little crowded and crazy during the “high” season (July through August), we like to stay outside the main part of town in Amagansett. I was looking through the over 500 photos on my phone and remembered we went to a new Seafood restaurant called the Saltbox. You might want to visit the website for the Saltbox and check out their menu page.

I’m a seafood lover. Although, I’m mostly vegan (and vegetarian), I am not ready to give up fish – yet. While we’re vacationing in Montauk, we like to mostly stay low-key in the atmosphere (and price as much as you can on the East End), but we like to go to at least one pricier and trendy restaurant for the short 4.5 days we’re there. This place really made it worth our while. It was pricier than our usual fare, but the quality of the food and presentation was excellent!

Seared Scallops

I have to say these scallops were the best I’ve ever had – really. The plating, the taste and the flavor contrasts between the spicy quinoa salad with the cilantro jalapeño aioli and those perfectly seared scallops – the combination was pure heaven for scallop lovers.

Baja Fish Tacos

My boyfriend had the Baja fish tacos. He opted to order four of them, but could have ordered only three. He was stuffed, but ate all of them since they were that good. I had a taste and they were very flavorful from the sriracha mayo; absolutely worth trying.

The summer season is only a few months away and I might want to go back to the Saltbox again this year. It’s tough since we’re only there for four nights, and sometimes we like to mix in some new restaurants with the tried and true places for lobster rolls.

Even though we were stuffed from dinner, we had some jelly filled croissants waiting back in our hotel room to have for dessert. This was our vacation and it was definitely the time to indulge. We picked up the croissants from the Montauk Bake Shoppe earlier in the day since they tend to close early whenever we’re there. If you want to have some for dessert, it’s a good idea to pick them up earlier the same day so you can have an after dinner snack 🙂

Spring is next week, but we still have snow on the ground here on Long Island. More snow is predicted again for next week. I’m hanging on for the real spring weather. At least there’s more daylight now. Here’s hoping you try some new interesting cuisine for the spring 2018 season. Until next time…happy food exploring.


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