Curry Club, East Setauket, NY

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It was a “special occasion” so I was in the mood for Indian food. Since it’s pretty fattening, this is an occasional indulgence for me. My other half is also a fan of this cuisine, which makes me extremely fortunate. Curry Club has been around for over 20 years, since 1996, and there is a reason why they’re still around. Let’s face it, they are practically the only game in town for Indian food in Suffolk County. Now if we were looking for Indian food in Nassau, Hicksville is the place to be! The food is authentic and very good at the Curry Club. The only other restaurant I really liked in Suffolk County for Indian food was House of India in Huntington Village.

Curry Club has always has held a special place in my heart. I first went there in 2000; my sister had graduated from SUNY Stony Brook and we went there afterwards to celebrate. I had revisited again when I was early on in my relationship and we went there around 2008. It was my man’s first time having Indian food at a restaurant and not frozen chicken tikka masala from Trader Joe’s. He was hooked, too.

Hadn’t been to Curry Club in a while- maybe at least four or five years. The ambiance was classy and seemed they updated the dining room chairs and maybe the tables. It was crowded and this was a good sign, but it was a Friday night and my boyfriend and I had a 6:30 reservation. We arrived on time and were seated immediately. I love that! I had Shrimp Korma and it was very good, but I forgot how creamy and somewhat bland korma is. It’s very good, but I prefer more spicy curries nowadays, and less creamy. My boyfriend had the vegetable curry and I really liked his sauce much better than mine; it had much more character. We also had the vegetable Biryani since the entrée doesn’t come with any rice. It was a huge portion, and large pieces of veggies (like string beans, cauliflower and peas). Delicious! Next time I’d get a more plain rice since this was really a stand-alone entrée and the flavors were in too much competition.

Almost forgot to mention, their lentil soup (also known as Dal) is smoothly pureed and wonderful. They use the yellow lentils for this soup, and it’s a winner in my book.

No room for dessert. We took home a very large amount of food in our doggy bags. Will definitely be coming back soon. Highly recommend this place for great Indian food in Suffolk! Check out Curry Club online and make sure to have reservations set for weekends, as they get very crowded. 

If you’ve never had Indian food, I’d recommend having a curry, but ask for it on the milder side, or get some tandoori chicken (if you’re a meat eater). If you like very hot and spicy, then try the Vindalu, or also called Vindaloo, but this is very, very spicy for me. Venturing into this cuisine doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating; it can be fun! 




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