Toast Coffeehouse, Port Jefferson, NY

Tofu Scramble


Coconut Multigrain French Toast

We wanted to get to Toast Coffeehouse in Port Jefferson for a while, but it’s such a popular place and it doesn’t seat that many people, so getting in on the weekends is impossible. I am not one for waiting close to an hour for a table during peak brunch time on a Sunday morning. When I’m hungry, I’m “hangry” at times and my “bitchy resting face” is evident when I need food. We got there relatively early, maybe about 9:15 AM, and this was a Friday morning. There were people there, but it wasn’t filled to capacity. If this was the weekend, it would be nuts. After an hour, it was completely packed!

At this point, I’m a mostly vegan/vegetarian, but still eat fish around once a week or every other week. You could say I’m in the lite Pescatarian realm. Since eggs affect my stomach sometimes, and I enjoy a good tofu scramble, I ordered the Tofu Scramble for breakfast. As you can see from the photo, this was not a real Tofu Scramble. I’ve made my own and have had it numerous times from a couple of restaurants; my favorite is either from Joni’s Kitchen or Naturally Good Foods & Cafe both in Montauk. This Tofu Scramble at Toast was just some cubed tofu that was browned – not much effort going into this and far from a decent Tofu Scramble! It was okay for what it was – just some grilled veggies and tofu on a plate with some very good real potato home fries. Found the portion to be on the small side for the price, and I don’t like to eat huge meals. Not all that impressed with this dish. However, if you want to make a real Tofu Scramble, this recipe for a 10-Minute Scrambled Tofu looks decent. I haven’t made my own in a while since I wasn’t too successful last time I tried, but I may give this recipe a whirl.

My boyfriend ordered their Coconut Multigrain French Toast. This was topped with mango and bananas, and he felt the portion was pretty light and the price was rather steep for the portion size.  He was disappointed, but I think he liked the taste of the French toast.

We both left feeling underwhelmed. I really wanted to tell the waitress that I wasn’t impressed with the cubed tofu, and that this wasn’t a Tofu Scramble, but I didn’t say a word. I would probably go back at some point and get a regular omelet or scrambled egg breakfast, or maybe their Avocado Toast, but never the Tofu Scramble again. Can’t exactly recommend this place for breakfast/brunch, but there are plenty of interesting options. They have some choices for vegans, but not many. You can check out the Toast Coffeehouse menu and decide for yourself. Besides the Port Jefferson location, you can also visit them in Patchogue as well.

I’ll hold out for a Tofu Scramble burrito when I go to Montauk this summer. Happy spring 🙂


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