Raan Thai, Smithtown, NY

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Met my girlfriend at Raan Thai in Smithtown recently and was completely blown away by how flavorful, delicious and artistically presented their food was!  Needless to say, I was very impressed…and here I was all along being very loyal to Thai House on Main St. in Smithtown, when Raan Thai was here for me and I was being very closed minded.

Had their lunch special, which is very reasonable, and it’s not easy to find a decent place for lunch open on the weekend lately. Their competition is closed for lunch (at least on Saturdays). This is what prompted me to meet my friend for lunch at Raan Thai. We each had a small salad, but easily enough for the first (or was it the second course) for lunch…can’t remember if we had the vegetable soup first or the salad. At either rate, I loved the cabbage in this vegan soup…I’m not full-time vegan, but am sometimes for several days lately …not giving up fish – yet. The salad was also great; they offered a peanut dressing or a golden bean dressing. Had to have the bean dressing since we both were curious about something different from the usual Thai peanut sauce/dressing.  Delicious!  My friend had the Spicy Drunken Noodles and commented that they could have been spicier, but she still enjoyed the entree. I had the Pad See Ew, and loved it. I asked for extra veggies (beyond the Chinese broccoli) and a little tofu. It couldn’t have been any better, and I know it sounds like a boring, glowing review, but I totally underrated this place.  The decor is clean and fairly plain, but tastefully modest and casual.

I’ll definitely be back soon and highly recommend checking them out. They’re now under new ownership, but have the same great chef. You can order takeout directly from this site for Raan Thai.

Happy summer 🙂


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