Azulejos, St. James, NY

There’s a new Mexican restaurant in Smithtown (really St. James)  and you’ll find it where the former spot for Uncle Bacala’s was on Middle Country Road (near the Toyota dealership and some auto body shop that I can’t think of the name of right now). It’s definitely located in a challenging spot since it’s far from the main part of town in Smithtown. It’s just a few minutes from the Smithaven Mall – you must try this place for authentic and very tasty Mexican food!

We went there about a week after they opened, the weekend after Memorial Day weekend, and I made a reservation a couple of days beforehand.  It is a small place, but they were getting ready to open the upstairs section for patrons.  I would check out the upstairs section next time we go there.  When we went, they were only open for one week, and so we expected they needed to “work out some kinks” before everything was running smoothly.  Some people weren’t as patient as we were with their service, but I expected that it would take longer for our food to arrive.  The place was packed, and the downstairs portion doesn’t fit a whole lot of people.  Everything was fresh and tasty.  The fried calamari appetizer was slightly overcooked, but was still very good.

I had the vegetable fajitas and my boyfriend had the chicken fajitas. I tasted the chicken and it was well seasoned without being overly salty. 

We we skipped dessert that night. I would try something next time we go there. Check out their site (including the menus) at:

This place has great food, and ambience. Definitely worth stopping by for a tasty, authentic Mexican meal. Planning on going back there very soon myself. Enjoy. Here’s a quick review of Azulejos in a local magazine:



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