South Edison, Montauk, NY

We headed out to Montauk for two nights at the beginning of July, and it was hard to choose where we were going to eat dinner. I’m glad we took a chance and tried South Edison. Reservations are a MUST during the high season in Montauk, and usually I’d make sure to have ours set up about one week in advance. But this time I waited until we checked into our hotel and called South Edison and they weren’t super busy for a Monday night. The key is that this wasn’t the weekend, or we wouldn’t have stood a chance of getting in.  When we arrived, the place was buzzing and quickly starting to fill up. It’s only because we arrived at about 6:30 that we didn’t have to wait for our table. Soon enough, the place was packed!

In all of my adventures in eating so far, I hadn’t tried grilled baby octopus. We had the baby octopus tacos. It took me by surprise that the baby octopus was extremely flavorful from some Mexican cheese and a bit of Serrano pepper (not too hot for me and I am a baby when it comes to heat) , and not at all chewy! The octopus was cooked perfectly. The presentation at South Edison was beautiful – each dish was crafted by an artist who took great care with how the dish was plated. I stepped outside of my comfort zone even further, and had something else I never had before – porgy. This was one of their seasonal specials, and it was not fishy at all.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t eat salmon anymore.  I used to like it, but one day I found it to taste very fishy, and that did it for me. I just can’t eat it without it tasting extremely fishy. That being said, my first question to the server was to determine if porgy tastes anything like salmon, which I can’t stand. As I write this, it’s hard to remember what type of sauce gently covered the porgy since it was over two months ago when we were there, but I know it was very flavorful without being overbearing.  The portions aren’t huge at South Edison, but that’s okay with me – I don’t like leaving dinner feeling overly stuffed. I did taste the Black & Blue local sea scallops dish that my boyfriend had, and the large scallops were super sweet and I loved the flavor from being charred from the grill. I was almost sorry I didn’t order the scallops, but I love scallops and wanted to try something different.  He thought the portions were on the small side though. I was happy with the size of my meal, as I had room for dessert at the bakery in Montauk.  (Don’t miss out on trying the jelly filled croissants at the Montauk Bakery!)

Montauk is pretty crazy during the summer or high season (July and August), but it’s also the place to be to check out great local seafood.  I’ve been in Montauk in November also and it has a quiet charm during winter that’s worth exploring as well. Their website is

Hope you have an exciting food experience yourself soon 🙂


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