Cafe Baci, Westbury, NY

We met our friends at Cafe Baci a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday night for dinner.  They don’t take reservations; so you have to get there no later than 5 pm to get a decent parking space and so you don’t have to wait at least 30 to 60 minutes for a table.  We got there at about 4:45 and walked in at 4:50 – parking was a breeze and there was no waiting at all.  We were seated immediately.  I’ve been there a few times for our work holiday lunch, and so I know the food is very good. Plus the portions are generous and the prices are reasonable.  It’s a decent sized space; plenty of tables, but if you get there even after 5:30, forget it, you’ll have to wait.  The food is that good.

Since my girlfriend is a regular at Baci, they brought us over an appetizer on the house right away.  It’s good to have friends with connections.  I went meatless that night since I’m trying to watch my fat intake more and didn’t get a dish loaded with cheese; my dish was called Fusilli Ortolana.  Maybe this entrée is new and the menu on their website hasn’t been updated, as this dish wasn’t listed on the menu online.  At either rate, I ended up feeling like I missed out in my attempts to “be good”.  Next time maybe I’d get the cheesy dish or at least a chicken or shrimp entrée.  On the other hand, my girlfriend got a breaded chicken dish called Fusilli Formale that she felt was a little heavy – I ended up having a few bites to make my dinner more interesting 🙂

On the whole, the food is very good and the service was great.  It’s a hopping place to be on the weekend, and I’d recommend this restaurant as a fun environment to meet good friends for a decent meal at reasonable prices.  Check out their site at


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