Kushi Sushi in Nesconset, NY – Sushi and Teriyaki


This is a new restaurant that’s right down the road from where we live, and it had amazing reviews from both Newsday and The New York Times.  They mentioned from the NY Times article that this was a very small space that seats about 28 people, and this is true; it’s tiny.  The owner is very friendly and greets everyone as you enter and you feel very welcomed.  

I’m not really into eating raw fish, but more recently I’ve had sushi with raw tuna and enjoyed it, but that’s about it for my range of eating raw fish.  I’ll eat eel avocado rolls, but I don’t really venture outside of that. I used to love cooked salmon, but about 5-10 years ago I had one experience of eating salmon and found it very fishy.  Every since that day, I’ve been turned off to salmon and won’t go near it.  Needless to say, I wasn’t the one who got the sushi entree.  My boyfriend got the sushi entree special called “Dr. Shvartsman”, and he loved it – said the quality was very good and fresh.  I had the Bento Box with Shrimp Teriyaki and Shrimp Tempura, and the amount of food that they serve is very generous.  I don’t use chop sticks though, and my server was not impressed.  Oh well.  I had to ask her for a fork and knife, which seems offensive in a Sushi restaurant, but at this point I’m just not into learning how to use chop sticks.  So, she caved in and brought me my utensils.  I was getting full after eating my soup and salad that came before the Bento Box arrived at our table, so I needed help finishing the box.  Good thing he still had room to help me finish my dinner.

The food was very good, but the atmosphere was way too cramped for us.  I was feeling claustrophobic early into our dining experience.  My table neighbor was sitting so close to us that when I whispered to my boyfriend to ask him what one of their dishes was, the mother looked over at us.  It was a family of four, and we were there celebrating our anniversary.  We would get take out from this place, but it’s not ideal for a romantic dinner, unless you like sharing your space with everyone else and have them about a foot or less from you and your date.  Worth checking out, but be prepared to be cramped.  Might be more fun if you’re going out with at least another couple.  Delicous food that we’ll try again, but for take-out next time.


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