Attilio’s Grill in St. James, NY – Great Weekend Breakfast & Italian Cuisine


Attilio’s used to be around the block from where we live, but they moved about 10 minutes from us in St. James a few months ago.  They used to be a small, mainly take-out, pizzeria, and from the way the place looked on the outside you might have mistaken them to be the standard Long Island average pizza place.  We found out right after moving here three years ago that they are FAR from average – in fact the chef there is outstanding!  At their old location on Terry Road in Smithtown, they were a tiny store front with barely any room for a couple of tables. I would go there and mostly get food to go; ate there once with a friend, but that’s about it since it was a bit cramped to eat in.  

From the looks of the place, you wouldn’t expect the entrees to be phenomenal, but they were, and still continue to impress.  The chef is extremely creative and comes up with great combinations.  We have ordered a grilled shrimp over salad entree and a balsamic chicken entree; then they throw in two side salads (choice of house or Caesar), maybe it comes with a soup as well – they are generous sized portions.  We would often have two more dinners for the next night!

When they moved to St. James about six months ago, we were waiting to go there since they mentioned that their new set up would include a full restaurant space with table service, and even breakfast.  You might say, “breakfast at an Italian place?”  Yes, and it’s a little known secret that we now have another GREAT breakfast place in the Smithtown area that can and does rival Maureen’s Kitchen.  And it’s good that there is more than one decent place to go for breakfast besides Maureen’s since they are mobbed practically all the time (that is unless you get there on an odd, off-peak day). For now, breakfast/brunch is at Attilio’s only on Saturdays and Sundays; not during the week, but they plan on adding weekdays eventually.  

My boyfriend and I were there about two weeks ago for breakfast on Sunday; was actually the Sunday before Hurricane Sandy.  So, the place was pretty quiet since everyone in the area was out buying supplies before the storm I guess.  I had an omelet with fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, and onions; my own customized omlet.  It also came with home fries and multi-grain toast on the side.  Very tasty and super-fresh ingredients – even my boyfriend said he could tell they were using fresh spinach, not frozen.  Also, pictured above is his Poached Pear and Vanilla Bean French Toast; they used fresh Challah bread to make it.  I’m not even a big fan of pears, but this was really decadent.  What I’d really love to try is their Lemon Mascarpone Pancakes – I held off as I was trying to be good, but next time I’m going to have that and thoroughly enjoy it.  Check out all their menus and other interesting tidbits about Attilio’s Grill at  They even have a Thanksgiving menu – let them do the work this year.

Check out Attilio’s soon.  They are a great addtion to our community, and offer another option as a breakfast place, besides being an amazing Italian restaurant.  Happy eating – mangia.


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