Culinary Institute of America – Hyde Park, NY (Part 3-Lunch)


For our second day at the CIA, we went to the Apple Pie Bakery for lunch; it’s another restaurant on the campus, but very casual.  We had to wait in line (across from the gift shop in Roth Hall) for a bit, since they don’t take reservations, but it’s THAT good.  My salad (pictured above) was gigantic and I shared a good portion of it with my boyfriend.  We both had the chicken and rice soup, and you could just tell it was made from scratch from the both; the best chicken soup we ever ate.  As you can see, we had to try their apple pie, which was very good.

After lunch we browsed in the gift shop for a bit before our 4 pm tour of their classrooms and partial tour of the campus, which was given by one of the pastry students.  I think her name was Erica.  It was very entertaining, educational and the smell of butter filled the hallways as we got glimpses of their classrooms (kitchens).  The CIA was started in CT after World War II, but they bought the property in Hyde Park in 1972 from a religious order of sorts (wish I listened better to our tour guide’s explanation).  Anyway, they bought the property for a steal back then – think it’s about 150 acres.  The property outside of Roth Hall overlooks the Hudson River, and it’s just beautiful. 


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