Culinary Institute of America – Hyde Park, NY (Part 4 – Dinner)


For dinner that night, we chose Caterina de Medici, which is located inside of the Colavita Center.  Though it’s located inside this Colavita Center, it’s just called that because one of the Colavitas donated money to the college – I thought I could buy some olive oil.  The ambiance of Caterina was warm and laid back…wonder if this is what Italy feels like.  I am going one day.  The decor of this place also was reminiscent of probably a better restaurant in Italy.  I actually felt more at ease in this place vs. American Bounty; not sure why, but I just felt more relaxed and at home. 

For the appetizer, I chose the buffalo mozzarella and fried eggplant.  I don’t know about you, but I had never had buffalo mozzarella before that night, and it’s so silky smooth and buttery.  You’ll feel let down from now on after you try the buffalo version.  My boyfriend had the smoked tuna with broccoli and pine nuts.  The presentation of both of our appetizers was gorgeous and he enjoyed his as well.

For the main entree, I chose the almond ricotta raviolis – OH MY GOD…the absolute best ravioli I ever ate!  Really.  It had some butter and thyme sauce and the combination of the almonds with the ricotta cheese was so different and tasty.  My boyfriend had the swordfish and eggplant caponata (relish).  He was very happy with it.

Dessert – I had the gelato trio, which was chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut – the hazelnut was my favorite.  He had their homemade chocolate pudding, and it was yummy!

Our time up in Hyde Park was very short (only two nights/three days), but it was worth the 100+ miles we drove to get there. Now I know where the great chefs learn to cook and can say I’ve been there, and tried the food from the chefs in training.  Thank god my boyfriend is a good cook, or we would be eating more frozen foods – either that or I’d really have to learn how to cook.  I am thinking about taking some classes locally for fun.

Hope you have an amazing meal soon.


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