Kabul Grill – Kabob & Tea House (Hicksville, NY)


For a change, I didn’t bring lunch to work today.  Usually I do, since I want to control what I’m eating and how much 🙂  – I like knowing the ingredients in what I’m eating, but it’s also about saving money.  So, I thought I’d go someplace like Whole Foods or Chipotle since I work near both in the Hicksville/Jericho area. But then I was about to pass by this place Kabul Grill on N. Broadway (Route 107) in Hicksville, like I’ve done hundreds of times on lunch while I rush around heading to the bank, getting gas, shopping, etc.- this time I had the gut feeling to stop in and have lunch.  Today that’s what I did for lunch.  And let me tell you, this place is GREAT!  I was the only person in there eating lunch – it’s Middle Eastern food (Afghanistan) but seems very much along the lines of Greek food.  I had the chicken breast kabob lunch special; it came with some brown rice with saffron, a grilled large tomato, sliced onions and a side of yogurt sauce (much thinner consistency than in Greek places).  On the side there were also two other sauces to add to the food:  one was green and had cilantro and spices – I used this one since I LOVE cilantro.  It had a nice kick, but not too spicy at all.  The other sauce was a red one and I smelled it and knew it was out of my league – my tolerance for very high heat is pretty low.  I had a cup of black tea with cardamom in it – it was loose tea and they gave me a container with sugar cubes – this impressed me.  I don’t know where I’ve seen sugar cubes when I’ve eaten out recently – it felt very classy and old fashioned. 

Ended up taking home a small amount of the chicken kabobs – it was hard for me to stop eating them, and about half of the rice.  The server was nice enough to give me small containers of both the yogurt sauce and the green sauce (with cilantro).  Maybe this is lunch for tomorrow or maybe my boyfriend might get to taste some 🙂

So, this place will definitely be worth the drive from Smithtown to Hicksville for dinner on a Saturday night with my man.  We had Afghan food in Huntington a few years ago, but weren’t really impressed all that much.  This place blows that away!  Now maybe I can convince my friends to join us for dinner there.

The address for Kabul Grill is 129 North Broadway, Hicksville, NY  11801; they’re just south of the Broadway Mall on Rte. 107 – before you hit Old Country Road (north of John St.)  Check them out. 


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