West East Bistro – Hicksville, NY


Haven’t been here in a while since moving about two years ago back to Suffolk County.  I used to live about 8 – 10 minutes from this place.  First discovered it when my former boss took our department out for Christmas dinner about three years ago.  The dish I had back then was what I had when we met my former neighbor and friend (with her boyfriend) there about two weeks ago – Crispy Jumbo Shrimp with Candied Walnuts (and Lemon Creme Sauce).  It was still amazingly tasty! 

This is a great Asian-Fusion restaurant that’s located on Rte. 107 in Hicksville in a strip mall shopping center, which might turn you off by judging it from the outside and location, but give this place a chance.  Just make sure you make reservations for Saturday night, or you might have to wait for a bit.  We were there on Valentine’s Day in 2009 and I made the reservation a week in advance and we would have been waiting in a long line if we didn’t – they were packed!

We arrived at 7 pm, but our food didn’t arrive at our table until close to an hour later.  But it WAS extremely busy and a Saturday night, so this is understandable.  This gave us all a chance to talk and catch up.  Plus we saw that we weren’t the only ones waiting for our dinners. Maybe I’d go during the week next time to avoid the weekend crowd.  Also, their Pad-Thai is GREAT – you must try it!  Everyone loved their dinners, and my dinner comes with a pyramid-shaped portion of brown rice in the plate with some Asian mushrooms (maybe Shiitake?) throughout —very yummy 🙂 

West East is much more interesting that standard Chinese or Japanese food – oh and their Thai Iced Tea is really good…nice and spicy!  So, that’s all for now…I hope you have a great fall food adventure soon. 

And, before I go, here’s a link to their website:  http://www.westeastbistro.com/index.html.


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