Butera’s of Smithtown, NY


Okay, I know it’s been a VERY long time since my blog was updated.  Sometimes I forget that I love writing about food.  We went to Butera’s of Smithtown a few months ago – I want to say about April 2011, and it was restaurant week in Smithtown.  Their chicken meatballs were amazing!  Get yourself over to Butera’s and have those chicken meatballs, and you won’t be disappointed. It was our second time there (can’t remember when exactly, but probably about a month ago) when I had a shrimp dish that had almost the same sauce as the chicken meatballs:  a pink sauce with the right amount of cream without it being too rich, bacon (you just can’t go wrong by putting bacon in sauce) and peas – oh and there also had to be onions in there.  This sauce is – I can’t describe how good it is without my mouth watering 🙂  So this was essentially the same sauce with some large shrimp – also amazing.  The dish is called Shrimp Butera – I think. Both the chicken meatball entree and this shrimp dish were served over penne, which was cooked just right, and the sauce covered every inch of the pasta.

Let me back up and say that when you are seated for dinner, the server immediately comes over and gives you a pretty large plate of a white bean hummus mixed with herbs and blended so smooth – it’s delicious!  And they put some kind of cut up Italian bread on the plate.  I can get full on just this – and they don’t charge you for it.  It’s like a free appetizer!  I can’t imagine ordering another appetizer before the entree, since the portions at Butera’s are large – I had enough for two other meals after eating my dinner that night.  I guess if I went there without eating all day, then maybe I could order another appetizer besides the hummus thing that they give you for free. 

Wanted to go there last night for dinner, but there was some kind of party booked.  So, we would have waited at least 30 minutes to get seated, and we were hungry, so we had to pass.  Ended up at Thai House instead – more on this hopefully soon with my next post.

Until next time, wishing you an adventurous eating experience this summer!


One thought on “Butera’s of Smithtown, NY

  1. I love Butera’s! I usually hit up the location on the South Shore, in Seaford, but I’m sure the Smithtown version is just as good. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post, I’ll definitely give your recommended dish a try.


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