Thai House Restaurant in Smithtown, NY


Since moving back to Suffolk County about a year ago, I’ve been on the lookout for a good Thai place that’s local to my relatively new home.  Thai House in Smithtown is a great place all around:  service, quality of the food and ambience are all worth stopping in and having some traditional Pad Thai.  But, the Walnut Encrusted Chicken entree is the real star at this place.

We were there a few weeks ago with my boyfriend’s coworker – he never had Thai food before and wanted to join us for the ride.  So, we recommended the Walnut Encrusted Chicken and so all three of us got this, and many other diners there that night got the same entree.  Our server told us it’s their most popular dish; there was a large table on the second level and everyone there ordered the same dish.  There’s just something magical about it – not to sound to far out there, but it’s the perfect combination of sweet and savory in the chili sauce that accompanies the chicken, and the cut cucumbers are so funky and tasty.  And they give you a good variety of other fresh veggies that are not overcooked at all.  I don’t see us tiring of this dish.  I’m ready to go back there and get it again and again.

Until next time, happy eating 🙂


One thought on “Thai House Restaurant in Smithtown, NY

  1. Mmm…after reading your reivew, I’m hungry for some Thai food! I rarely stray from my usual Pad See Ew, but now I have a hankering for some Walnut Encrusted Chicken!


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