Lemon Leaf Grill in Port Jefferson Station, NY- Part 2


We headed over to Lemon Leaf Grill in Port Jeff Station last weekend – Saturday night to be precise.   As mentioned in my last post, I was used to the Hicksville location, but since it’s a considerable distance from where I live now, we wanted to give the more local location a try.  This location has only been around for about 2 years or so and it is about half the size of the Hicksville one – many of the Thai places I’ve been to are typically small spaces.  Although it is much smaller than Hicksville, we didn’t feel cramped by our fellow diners, which can so ruin a dining experience. 

The Pad Thai was very good – a little spicier than what I was used to, but very much what it’s supposed to taste like, and they put a slice of lime on the plate, which is traditional.  I went to another Thai place recently and found their Pad Thai to be pretty bland and there was no lime to be found. 

My boyfriend has to have anything with mango in it, whether we’re having Chinese or Thai.  So, he ordered a dish with mango, of course, and it was also very good. 

Service was prompt and as mentioned before, the price is amazing for the quality of food that you get.  Also, you HAVE to get Thai Iced Tea, when you try them.  It’s a creamy spicy cold tea beverage (without alcohol) and it’s just really good at this place…some places give you a tiny glass and it can be made on the bland, watered-down side.  But not here – it was delicious. 

Will definitely be back again.  Oh and the above picture was from the Hicksville location.


Lemon Leaf Grill in Port Jefferson Station, NY


I love Thai food.  Given the choice of having Chinese or Thai, Thai wins hands down.  Now if given the option of having Indian food or Thai food, well that’s a tough decision.  I might go with Thai because it’s just a lighter food than most Indian dishes, although I do love Indian food too.

Lemon Leaf Grill in Hicksville is a great place to try Thai food, if you’ve never had it before.  It’s pretty amazing – the quality and low price are an unbeatable combination.  I used to live closer to this location, but recently moved back to Suffolk County and was very sad to be farther away from this place. 

Alas, they have another location owned by the same people in Port Jefferson Station, but I haven’t had the occasion to try them out.  We will be trying this location tomorrow night and I can’t wait to try their Pad Thai, which is the signature dish to get from a Thai restaurant.  Will post my review and hopefully some pictures soon.

The above picture is from their site