Food – Eating to Live or Living to Eat?


I love good ethnic food, but I am learning to be selective in my choices relating to quantity and quality of what I consume.  I also LOVE sugar.  But I also am extremely sensitive to eating large amounts of it.  Over and over again I will go over my limit and experience the “crash” of sugar-overload.  Lately, this usually happens when my boyfriend and I go over to have a great Italian family meal at his parents’ house and I’ll eat a couple of pieces of snickers snack size bars, a fruit cocktail that his father adds sugar to.  We’re talking about fresh local North Fork blueberries and strawberries – in season – that his father adds sugar to!  Is this mind-boggling?  Yes!  So after having a couple of snack-size Snickers bars, the sugary fruit cocktail, and let me add some lemonade sweetened with sugar, I also had a piece of cake that sometimes is baked from scratch, or “semi-homemade” by my boyfriend’s father.  Now when we get into the car and start the hour ride home I’m done.  I start falling asleep from the sugar.  As much as I love it, I know it’s an addiction.  And this is something most of us laugh about and agree, “Yeah, I’m addicted to sugar.”  But, I’m trying to eat it more in moderation.  I don’t see giving it up altogether.  Although several years ago I went through a phase of not eating chocolate for about a year.  Well that didn’t last.  I’m pretty selective now and try to only eat dark chocolate because that’s what I enjoy most.

More on the food saga soon.


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