Food – Some Desserts & Food I love to eat!



Presentation is an important part of enjoying a meal or dessert.  I can’t help taking pictures of a really appealing plate.  It’s a way to prolong or savor the experience.  By the way, these amazing Lemon Poppy seed pancakes are from Maureen’s Kitchen in Smithtown, New York.  They are always mobbed and you will need to wait, especially on weekends.  Probably is the best breakfast/brunch restaurant on Long Island.  Planning on stopping by during our upcoming vacation, but it will be on a weekday to avoid the crowds.


Food – Eating to Live or Living to Eat?


I love good ethnic food, but I am learning to be selective in my choices relating to quantity and quality of what I consume.  I also LOVE sugar.  But I also am extremely sensitive to eating large amounts of it.  Over and over again I will go over my limit and experience the “crash” of sugar-overload.  Lately, this usually happens when my boyfriend and I go over to have a great Italian family meal at his parents’ house and I’ll eat a couple of pieces of snickers snack size bars, a fruit cocktail that his father adds sugar to.  We’re talking about fresh local North Fork blueberries and strawberries – in season – that his father adds sugar to!  Is this mind-boggling?  Yes!  So after having a couple of snack-size Snickers bars, the sugary fruit cocktail, and let me add some lemonade sweetened with sugar, I also had a piece of cake that sometimes is baked from scratch, or “semi-homemade” by my boyfriend’s father.  Now when we get into the car and start the hour ride home I’m done.  I start falling asleep from the sugar.  As much as I love it, I know it’s an addiction.  And this is something most of us laugh about and agree, “Yeah, I’m addicted to sugar.”  But, I’m trying to eat it more in moderation.  I don’t see giving it up altogether.  Although several years ago I went through a phase of not eating chocolate for about a year.  Well that didn’t last.  I’m pretty selective now and try to only eat dark chocolate because that’s what I enjoy most.

More on the food saga soon.